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Cytta Group, LLC offers integrated security solutions for the complex challenges of today's world.   Our consultants are retired US veterans with many years of security experience in the government, private, and organizational sectors.  We are dedicated team of experts and committed to our clients' security needs.  Cgllc delivers security consulting, cost-effective comprehensive security solutions and state-of-the-art security management systems.  We provide advanced security management systems to various clients that include: individual, commercial, industrial, military, government, medical centers, and estate properties.  Cgllc with collaboration with innovative security experts, has the capability to provide critical protection monitoring equipment for our clients.  For more information about our security consulting or security management systems, please Contact Us

We ensure that all your business activities run safe, smooth, and efficient.  We provide and install cost-effective security systems, custom designed to meet your specific needs.  Some of our security solutions includes: Intrusion Detection Systems, Access Control and Biometric Systems, Digital Video Surveillance and Recording, Security Gates and Parking Control, Identification Badging Systems, and Communication and Data Systems.

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