Application Process

Make the best decision for your career
The application and interview process at Cytta Group, LLC is rigorous.  We strive to identify the best candidates for our firm. For you, it is vital that you find the career path that utilizes the most of your strengths while fulfilling your interests.

icon-title.jpgThe Process

Step 1: Gather information you will need to fill out your application, e.g. resume/CV, education
Step 2: Submit an online application.
Step 3: If you are called in for an interview, prepare for your interviews.
Step 4: Interview.

icon-title.jpgYour Application

Applications vary depending on the services you're applying to and your background, but all generally ask for the following:

  • Resume/CV and cover letter
  • Educational background information
  • Work experience
  • Examples of extracurricular and/or community leadership

When complete, your application will be routed to the appropriate recruiting team based on your preferences, background, and interests.  It will also be visible to our recruiters worldwide.

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