icon-title.jpgTax Services

Cytta Group, LLC provides tax professional advice that you can rely on for real benefits.  At Cytta Group, LLC, we have the enthusiasm to serve our customers, and committed to customer satisfaction.  We offer free consultation, 24/7 support, correspondence assistance, and free tax copies when required.

  • Free Consultation - Information and consultations are always free at Cytta Group, LLC.
  • Year Round /24/7 Support - Our offices are open year round to serve your needs.
  • Correspondence Assistance - We will help you handle your federal (IRS) and state tax return correspondence that you get, including audits, letters, and inquiries about your tax return.
  • Free Tax Copies (Soft or Hard Copies) - You can get copies of your tax return for free at any time via email or hard copy.

icon-title.jpgAccounting Services

Cytta Group, LLC offer full spectrum of financial accounting services to small, medium, and large enterprises. We provide accounts maintenance, processing, and preparation. 


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7211 Oakley Road
Glenn Dale, MD 20769
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